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You know I was at the Atlanta Hair Show and if you have never gone before it is an experience. First of all you have to have the mind of a cosmetologist whether you are one by certification, trade or just doing some hair every now and then in your grandma's kitchen. See you got your show styles where women and men have their hair designed as a bird cage for instance or flower pot with roses and carnations blossoming out of it or a palm tree which is one of the latest hair styles for men with dreads. Now none of these styles you would wear to the grocery store or to the mailbox that's why they are called show styles it's just a way to showcase the creativity of the stylist. Next you have wall to wall products from nails to make-up, hair, skin even carpet shampoo I mean this place is busy and poppen and if you got corns or bad feet this is not the place for you. If you make a mistake and step on someone's feet or have the same done to you say excuse me and move the hell on because it's defiantly packed and attitudes are checked at the door.

Show Style in Kentucky Fried Chicken........You all have not been spreading the word, this is too much for a Wednesday.

Diva's there was so much going on the positive that its too numerous to mention, but now (pause) some of you my dear Divarents have not been communicating with some of the sisterents trying to wear the Diva hat. I mean you CAN NOT be dressed to the T and your hair is jacked up at the HAIR SHOW; now what kind of mess is that, and some of you didn't warn your sisterents about toe & foot care. Ladies I seen allot of sisters with bad feeeeeeeet. This lady that was standing next to me and my girlfriend was wearing a size 6 shoe, yes a size 6 but her feet look like she wore a 14 1/2 at birth. Oh and make-up Diva's I know that the lining of the lips is out, you know where you take a LIP pencil and draw the line around your lips before you ADD the lipstick. OK but\nits evident you haven't been spreading the worrrrrrrrd I got sisters down\nthere wearing EYE pencil around their lips and then say "well I wonder why I got all these bumps around my lips" ITS THE WRONG DARN PENCIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then you got those sisters that just wear lip liner with nothing else added like lipstick or gloss, its like when some of us would go and get our hair wrap..............................................but never combed the wrap out........................THAT'S NOT A HAIR STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O my trees this is too much for a Wednesday but it was just great\nto be in the house. So with that I know plenty of you would like to experience the Bonner Brothers ATL Hair Show so I will be coming to you in March of 07 to see who wants to go in Aug of 07. So get it together, keep spreading the word and lets try to make this happen. Ladies and we are all ladies try to have a spectacular day and when your bosses comes over to you and say "what are you doing" say "I was just dreaming about leaving" Then BOUNCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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Hello Divas,

As you know summer is quickly beginning to fade away and its during the fall that we not only lose our tan but our ability to get up and involved. So to keep you all on the move I am proposing some things for self and family. With that here are some potential outings for the woman in you. If you have any suggestion please jot them down and show up to our 1st Diva's meeting.

Once again these are outing that we can do as group, couples or family. Just get in where you can fit in - all are welcome!

Newport on the Levee
Friday, August 25, 2006

Date and location TBD
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Diva Meeting

Saturday, October 21, 2006
Christmas Shopping Brigade

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